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Tham Nakha opens after vandalism

Tham Nakha opens after vandalism
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The popular Tham Nakha (Naga Cave), which was closed last month after it was vandalised by visitors, is set to reopen today with tight controls on admissions.

The announcement was made by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa, who yesterday inspected the cave -- located in Phu Langka National Park in Bueng Kan -- ahead of its reopening.

The cave attracts throngs of visitors, eager to see the natural rock formation inside the cave that resembles the scales of the mythical serpent, or naga.

The cave was closed to visitors on Sept 8 for restoration work, after park officials discovered parts of the walls had been written on by vandals, who had also left large amounts of rubbish behind.

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Mr Varawut warned that authorities won't hesitate to close the cave again if they find evidence of vandalism.

In a Facebook post, the minister said entry to the cave will be regulated.

From now on, the number of visitors will be limited to 350 per day, and visitors must register in advance. The cave is open for visits between 7am and 2pm every day. "There are no more walk-ins," he wrote.

"And to those responsible for the writings on the cave walls, if you can't behave, please stay home."

Visitors will only be allowed into the cave in groups of 10, and each group will be escorted by guides who will ensure they adhere to park rules, as well as keeping the area clean. Mr Varawut said the cave will not be developed further, as natural attractions are best left untouched.

Panyos Keeratipongsakda, head of Phu Langka National Park, said yesterday the park office is seeking to prosecute those who wrote on the cave walls.

Park officers are compiling photographic evidence taken of the hand-drawings and writings, which will be presented to Bueng Kong Long police. The images and other evidence will be used to help identify and track the culprits, Mr Panyos said.

The park chief said some people also sprinkled powder on stone surfaces in the cave in the hopes of finding "lucky" lottery numbers.

The park has erected barricades to keep visitors away from the cave's walls. Signs have also been put up, urging visitors to protect the environment. ไฮโล